All documents, pictures, and artefacts provided are subject to review and validation by MBOAR and if needed we consult our international breed advisors. 

NOTE on DNA testing:

At the moment there is no DNA test to prove purity of breed or lineage! MBOAR and NeoGen anticipate it will take several years before a reliable test will be available. 

The DNA that breeders need to submit to NeoGen (GeneSeek) will be added to the pigs’ files in ZooEasy (herd-book software) and will be used for parenting testing of piglets that will be borne of registered Mangalitsas in the future.

We get many question on this topic so we would like to clarify this here!



Please read the following, so you know in which group your Mangalitsa will fall and what you are requested to provide.

Color combinations (breeding the 3 colors of the Mangalitsa together) is allowed in the American Register.


G R O U P - 1

(Formally Phase 1)


Mangalitsa with lineage back to imports/import farms:

  1. Must provide profile picture (full side of the animal that shows the phenotype)

  2. Lineage from import farm (or other artefacts of proof). Information from the seller you received the stock/animals from is crucial to proving you have Mangalitsa from import stock/import farms. 

G R O U P - 2

(Formally first part of Phase 2)

Mangalitsa with 3+ generations of known lineage:

MBOAR considers parents, grandparents, and great grandparents as three generations.

  1. Provide a good profile picture (full side),

  2. Rear picture (including testicles/vulva),

  3. Head picture,

  4. Clear feet picture,

  5. Lineage and name(s) of farms/sellers of animals for at least the most recent three generations.

Animals must be without known crossbred defects like:

  • spots,

  • pink belly or nipples,

  • white/cream toes,

  • not more than 12 nipples (max 6 on each side),

  • appropriate phenotype ( 

Examine all your animals closely on these signs of impurities!

Pictures of whole litters including piglets (bodies, bellies, and feet), videos and other artefacts of the animals may be requested when the ancestors of your pigs are unknown to MBOAR.

We know it is quite some work but it is needed as MBOAR will not be able to come to each farm to examine the animals. 


In other Mangalitsa herd-books in Europe, it is common a breed representative or herd-book manager visits each breeder to judge/examine the animals on impurities or breed defects. As the US is too large to follow these practices, we need the cooperation of the breeders (you) to provide detailed information on each pig that will enter the registry.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation in this. 

If you have any questions on this please let us know.

G R O U P - 3

(Formally second part of Phase 2)

All animals without at least 3 generations of lineage are on hold for registration at this time while MBOAR works on a process to prove purity. 


Meanwhile, please gather as much information/history on your pigs as possible. Information on the father, mother, grandparents, birth farm, and birthdate are beneficial to finding lineage.  We recommend that you gather pictures of the animal preferably from piglet age to the present.

You can follow the information under “BREED REGISTRY” ( main page the black part with the 3 steps) to get your farm/animals ready. 

You can check you stock and the piglets that will be borne on the Mangalitsa breed characteristics and the signs of impurities: 


You are welcome to submit the information you have to MBOAR ( to review.  

It is possible for breeders to have stock within 2 generations of import, which would qualify for registration and not know it.  MBOAR also has extensive records that could assist in proving lineage if you have partial lineage. 


We know there are and will be many questions, we try to answer everyone personally and that takes a lot of time. Please remember we are still with a small team, have our day jobs and farms/animals and do everything as volunteers, we appreciate your patients and constructive feedback is always welcome. 


(for future parenting testing)

For the DNA Sample process go to: 

Pure Blonde Mangalitsa boar & sow - MBOAR Mangalitsa Breed Organization & Registry