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Though this section is under construction, you will find useful information about the stock imported to the USA when you click on the button at the end of this page.

Below is an old video from the Hungarian Mangalitsa Breeder Organization which gives insight on selecting good breeding stock.  The future of the breed is not a matter of 'luck'.  It is best accomplished through thoughtful selection, herd management and knowledge about the breed.

You will learn a lot from this video!

Under the section PHENOTYPE you will find information about breed standards (also mentioned in the video) and other important details that you need to know as a Mangalitsa breeder:


Selecting beneficial characteristics for breeding is necessary to maintain and improve the correct phenotype, mothering skills, litter size and many other aspects will serve the breed going forward . 

It is vital that breeders  also know the inbreeding potential of pairing animals so future problems will be avoided.


All animal that are registered in MBOAR will have a record of inbreeding percentage. When members are seeking a new sow or boar, the software will calculate the potential inbreeding percentage of the future litter born of the specific combination of parents.


Knowing the history of the Mangalitsa and having an awareness of the stock imported to the US will serve the breed well.

You can find them here: